The Advanced Process Management solution that Ultramax Corporation has developed embodies the use of the ULTRAMAX Method and Software. Our customers are educated in the use of both of these aspects to empower them to improve the profitability impact of production operations through better input adjustments, detection of upsets, and discovery of problems and opportunities for continued, non-ending improvements.

Most Ultramax customers take full advantage of the optimization capabilities of the ULTRAMAX by integrating it with their control systems (automatic data exchange with DCS or other process control system or historian). Due to the flexibility of the ULTRAMAX Software, it can be applied as an integrated advisory or closed-loop control solution, and/or a stand alone problem solver. It is also not limited by the level of sophistication of the control system. This flexibility allows the customer to improve performance across all the areas of plant operations, leading to significant plant-wide improvements.

Basic Technology & Method

ULTRAMAX is comprised of an empirical modeling and optimization approach which is based on Bayesian Statistics and multivariate, weighted-regression algorithms. It is this unique combination of mathematics which allows our customers to begin their optimization journey with very little data and still maintain high quality "goal-oriented, locally accurate models" for dynamically improving a process.

If the customer's process has uncontrolled input variables which affect performance, ULTRAMAX will compensate for their effect on the outputs by recommending changes in the control inputs to the extent possible.

ULTRAMAX can be engaged to start improving performance of a process immediately after formulation the Optimization Plan, which define the objectives and the variables of interest. Often a process can be optimized using the ULTRAMAX Method within a few weeks.

Also it is customary to perform a Process Capability Analysis up front to assure that there are no major problems with the process.

ULTRAMAX is a proven technology which helps its customers continue to make "good" product at the same time they are learning how to make it better.

ULTRAMAX is considerably faster than other technologies in approaching optimality. The greatest reason and distinguishing feature of ULTRAMAX is that it is data-centric rather than model-centric.

ULTRAMAX refines on-line the prediction models with each new run data set, and thus it dynamically adapts to the real behavior of the process even when it changes (slowly) due to unknown reasons.

Model-centric solutions such as first-principle models, Neural Networks and Design-of-Experiments solutions are based on models created up front, which takes a lot of time to create and validate.

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