Ultramax Business Philosophy

The Ultramax mission is to be the "Best-in-Class" at delivering empirical optimization solutions for its targeted markets. These solutions are intended to enable its customers to produce its products more profitably and deal with the effects of change. This change is caused by governmental market dynamics, competition, suppliers, regulations, simple plant wear and tear, or by changes in the customer's business strategies. The companies who deal best with change are the companies who thrive today and in years to come.

Ultramax will retain its leadership as being "Best in Class" by developing optimization products that accurately model operating conditions of targeted manufacturing processes. The products will have the following characteristics:

  • easy to use
  • allow customers to rapidly respond to change
  • flexibility to permit change to improvement objectives
  • flexibility to operate in closed-loop, advisory and stand-alone modes
  • high benefit-to-cost ratios
  • require little maintenance
To complement its state-of-the-art modeling and optimization technologies, Ultramax is committed to deliver support services which are:

  • on time
  • within the specified budget
  • exceed customer expectations
  • professional and courteous
Ultramax delivers its solution to its customers by:

  • providing payback guarantees after process capability is determined
  • licensing the use of ULTRAMAX on an individual process or entire plant basis
  • providing on-site training on the use of ULTRAMAX
  • supporting the continued use of ULTRAMAX through the enterprise
  • continuing to provide new improvements which enhance licensed products and meet newly established customer needs
Ultramax Corporation guarantees that its customers obtain a return on their investment in ULTRAMAX in less than one year, and aim to provide --- on the average - 500% ROI.