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Ultramax® NEWSLETTER, July 2015

Welcome partners, customers, agents, suppliers, friends and visitors… 

Recall, the Blue Book in www.ultramax.com/downloadlogin.asp > Blue Book is revised and upgraded on a regular basis.  You are welcome to download the latest version.  The ideas and methods are copyrighted and many patented, and permission for use is given only to those clients with valid Ultramax licenses. 


Version Ultramax® 7.2.i was released in July 2015, and is available for downloaded from the web.  Get in touch with Ultramax Corporation ultramax@ultramax.com for details.

Continuing with the series of improvements for 7.2.g, some requested by users, some learned from experience, some Ultramax R&D ideas, 7.2.i is sharper, the Alerts more to the point, and the technology serves more diverse situations (robustness).

  • Better explanations and user insights: such as reasons for the sequential adjustment advices; and user-defined limits to changes from previous adjustments (to maintain process stability), including dependency on large (multivariate) change in uncontrolled inputs.   
  • Simplified the presentation of extreme values without much information in them. 
  • The algorithm to balance the risks of violating output constraints and the extrapolation speed towards the optimum has been improved, and it explains the risks it takes.  Applications with many inputs (over 20) and with noisy data now converge to the optimum more consistently, and thus on the average faster.  In its multivariate analysis it now copes more effectively with the situation of high variability in the noise  levels among several outputs and the maintenance of response awareness through variability of sequential adjusted inputs. 
  • The Data Pattern report indicates the existence of combinations of adjustments which are highly correlated (i.e., which span a subspace).  For the analysis of sufficiently large historical run data this feature indicates that the model coefficients are not representative of reality, and that probably there is lack of independence among adjustments.  Recall that adjustments need to be independent for the analytics of empirical prediction models and optimization to work.

Other thoughts… 

  1. Effective use of resources, human and physical: The summary of Ultramax in the first pages of the Blue Book emphasized not only the greater business utilization of physical assets, but also the thinking, creativity and productivity of engineers and other plant personnel when engaged in the activity of making quantitative decisions in design and operations, to get the most performance from their ideas and systems.  It also explains the advantages over other technical solutions to this problem.   
  2. Ultramax enables greener production / manufacturing:  As we know, Ultramax enables users to achieve the most desirable operating performance possible as defined by the users’ evaluation metrics.  Thus, the user can achieve greener production by including metrics related to energy and raw materials consumption, emissions and efficiency. 

See, www.ultramax.com/Energy_Conservation.pdf and, for instance, www.ultramax.com/Applications/Paper_Energy.pdf and www.ultramax.com/Applications/Blow_Molding.pdf  

Invitation for New Agencies

We continue looking for new Agencies/Representatives; either regionally, vertical by industry, or a combination; including exclusivities.  We also offer customers the option to designate potential Agencies – with whom they already have close relationships -- to provide License and Services for the Ultramax solution. 

The most desirable characteristics of an Agency are:

1.     Is an established firm, or has a well funded start-up business plan. 

2.     Is engaged in marketing, selling and providing technical services to production and manufacturing.  Good – and complementary – expertise areas are: Process Control, Automation, Instrumentation, Manufacturing Execution Systems, Real-time metrics, Quality, Six-Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, and Integration into products.  The Agency may also be providing services for product and process design; or for the optimization of various operations outside production, including medical treatments.   

3.     Is truly customer-oriented.

4.     It is not required to have specific process expertise except when aiming at a vertical market focus.  The Agency could capitalize on past areas of success, such as anything dealing with Combustion (e.g., power generation), Chemicals, Pharma, Molding (injection, blow, foam, extrusion, etc.), Paper, Fibers, Food Processing, Painting and Coating, Metal Cutting and Machining, and Semiconductor Processing (Fab and Development). 

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