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Excellence Maximizing Returns with Existing Production Assets

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Production/ manufacturing process capabilities and performance are regularly improved by innovative new engineering technologies, including techniques such as Advanced Process Control (APC).  It turns out, however, that these improvements very seldom include tools to enable actual operating performance to fully utilize process capabilities -- even when they include some optimization modules.  Ultramax® delivers that level of Excellence. 

Historically in applications of Ultramax, only one percent were already operating close to the optimal performance of the existing assets.  Importantly for business, the magnitude of the gains achieved for most of the remaining processes were each in the order of a few hundred thousand to a few million dollars annually for each process. 

The failure to fully utilize the existing process capabilities is mostly due to:

  • Not using complete, up-to-date and properly balanced performance metrics, and/or
  • Lack of an accessible, comprehensive optimizer 

Ultramax® Fulfills Both of these Areas

in a Most Effective and Efficient Manner

     With this generic toolset you can increase the operating performance of most production systems, from large to small; and from fast engineering optimization studies to on-line advisory and closed-loop dynamic optimization (as conditions change). 

     Operating performance is determined by the complete set of metrics you define (which is likely to include bottom-line metrics affected but not controlled by the existing Process Control System).  They will be controlled by Ultramax. 

     No up-front process models are needed; the main requirement is to have access to production data.  Ultramax automatically learns about process operating characteristics automatically as it guides operating optimization.

     Simplicity and speed of optimization are particularly important when dealing with new products, new customer requirements, new operating conditions, and new economic factors.

You might wish to review Applications, and get a feel for customer appreciation in the 10 min. video and in Testimonials.  For more technical details please check out “Introduction” and “Technical Summary”.  To compare to various other technologies to optimize operations see the essay WhitePapers > Optimal_Operations. 

Welcome to an innovation on how to best manage operations with current facilities.

Then consider getting in touch with us to actually utilize all of your process’s potentials, already paid for.  With our track record we can assure satisfaction -- in fact, we guarantee it!  

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