ULTRAMAX-Advanced Process Management

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Maximizing Business Value of Production with Existing Assets

Are you utilizing your process capabilities (already paid for) to contribute the most to business success?

Ultramax® (UMAX®) is a self-learning, optimizing Supervisory Control software that dramatically improves the efficiency of production operations, even those previously deemed satisfactory.  It is a technology that learns from operating data how to achieve improvements in operations.

-      It complements non-intrusively your existing production equipment and its process control system.  

-       High-volume production / manufacturing gains usually have been from a few $100K/year to a few million dollars per year per process, where several processes had various levels of advanced process control (APC).  Improvements are obtained faster and safer than with other solutions. 

Ultramax:  If it is measured, it can be optimized.


The Ultramax® Method™ also offers solutions for when evaluating multiple objectives for net enterprise advantage is difficult.  This can be useful for the knowledge and benefits of plant personnel, even without using the Ultramax software.

Some details:

The Ultramax Supervisory Control has been applied to hundreds of batch, continuous, discrete and bulk industrial operations.  Companies / processes finding success with Ultramax include: Chemicals, Power Generation (100 boilers), Paper / Nonwovens, Plastics / Composite Materials Molding, Semiconductors, Soaps / Detergents, Food Processing, Pharmaceuticals, Metals, Machining / Metal Removal, Painting / Coating, Pigments / Dyes, etc. 

Typical of multiple performance metrics that drive optimization are: physical safety, quality (within specs, closeness to targets, purity, consistency), productivity / throughput, costs, losses, margins / profits, KPIs, energy & materials consumption, environmental impact, regulations, etc.  Ultramax finds the best balance possible with the existing assets, and what are barriers. 

See application examples in www.ultramax.com/Applications.htm.

Fundamentally, Ultramax is an analytics Optimization Guiding software for quantitative decisions which are applied sequentially and which can be refined by learning from the experience of the past decisions.  This situation also happens in Product and Process Design with some lab tests, prototypes, pilot plants and simulators; and in Tuning Parameters (of rules, algorithms, treatments, methods and formulas) running the system itself or simulators.    

Patent US 7,701,353: Individual System Performance Management

A distinct breakthrough: Ultramax’s level of effectiveness and automation sets it apart.

More details by topic of interest (and printer friendly):

Focus: Production

Focus: Energy Conservation in Production

Focus: Design & others

UMC and its world-wide Agencies partner with clients to enhance the effectiveness and value of their processes, products and personnel.  We enable client personnel to achieve significant improvements by providing the right software, training, guidance and support.  We offer a no-cost pre-evaluation of applicability.  Except for travel costs, annual 100% ROI is guaranteed if benefits are evaluated in economic terms, and we perceive sufficient potential. 

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